a look back

A few photographs of our little bear. Life is the best of the best these days. I love to watch him grow, learn, speak, sign (only a few baby hand signs) and yes, sing! He sings in the morning, on the way home from school (daycare), sings and hums at bedtime. Wonderful joyful noise . . . He is monkey see, monkey do for most things. He wants to find out what makes things work – cell phones, laptops, microwave, bathroom faucets. His learning makes my heart swell with joy.

So have a little look, and I can not promise to be a better baby blog blogger. However, my new year resolutions do include Bear!

bear-bear 146

bear-bear 145

bear-bear 144

bear-bear 143

bear-bear 142

bear-bear 141

bear-bear 140

bear-bear 138

bear-bear 137

bear-bear 134

bear-bear 133

bear-bear 130

bear-bear 129

bear-bear 128

bear-bear 125

bear-bear 124

bear-bear 119

bear-bear 118

bear-bear 114

bear-bear 113

bear-bear 112

bear-bear 097

bear-bear 095

bear-bear 094

Oops, looks like the photos posted in reverse order. It is all good. The first one was taken about Sept-Oct 2014. Baby Bear is now 17 months going on five (hee hee hee).

Big hug,


And another wish for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2015!

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random cuteness

bear-bear 075

bear-bear 005

bear-bear 054

bear-bear 056

bear-bear 021

bear-bear 018

bear-bear 017

2013 to 2014 random photos of little bear, before his haircut this month. I could eat him up! I promise to do better about posting his photographs. Big birthday coming up in August.
Lots of love.

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happy little one

bear-bear 001

Nothing like a child’s smile to brighten your day.

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thinking and wishing

This little bear has changed our lives forever for the better. He is a jewel, a pleasure, a blessing. Little Bear-Bear.

We read to him every night before bed, and sing to him. He “sings” his own songs all the time, whenever the mood strikes. Beautiful child.

Big hug.

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